Where in the World?

Remember in this post I talked about a surprise coming up? Well- it was getting to fly home for a very extended weekend to surprise my dad and to surprise my brother at his 30th birthday party.

It was amazing.

I've never been the one that has moved away, so I've never had the joy of visiting home. It was perfection. Unfortunately, hubs couldn't come. But I suppose with the Army I'm already very used to it. 

My trip was filled to the brim with time with family, an abundant amount of shopping (I forgot how good I am at it), and you can be sure I ate as much as I could from this list

 I have missed this view leaving work every night.

This view, too. Crossing the Monroe Street Bridge.

Oh, Madeleine's! I love you, so! You cannot go wrong with anything here. This day was the Greek omelette,  with a latte flavored with cinnamon and honey- my new favorite. 

We don't have Jimmy John's in Alaska, so this was a yummy quick lunch.

At my Brother's birthday- his wife also surprised him with a stretch Hummer!

And then I got tired of airports very quickly. But happy to have an occasion to be wearing my Herschel backpack I got for Christmas. 

On my way home I was stuck in the Juneau airport for 3 hours. I have never seen such a tiny airport, but it provided a great nap and a spectacular view. I'd love to go back.

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