It's the Weekend Already?!

Seriously, how does time go by so fast? Especially when I remember it being so awfully slow last year...

Remember how much I love weekends? I'm really looking forward to this one. We're celebrating our first Valentines together a little early. It will involve cheese fondue, a homemade crepe cake, a cute dress and an outing to see Identity Thief .

This week I needed a bit of color. I have lost all sense of fashion here in the Arctic. I don't know what's in and have nothing to compare it to. But I am determined to not entirely give up... although most days I'm content in the same damn sweater. I found this cute headband at Forever, and it's making me happy. Although, the hippie comments never cease while wearing it, and hubs begged me to not wear it while we go out together!

Outfit details:
Headband: Forever 21
Denim Top: Borrowed from a friend- I believe it's vintage

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