{The see through dress}

On Sunday I wore a cream colored linen dress with my favorite leather gladiators and a new belt to church. It was one of those days you feel really good about your outfit. In the car I realized I got some pink lipstick on the hem of my dress (something I would soon realize would be the least of my problems) so as soon as I got to church I b-lined to the bathroom trying to redeem the stain. Then I saw it. I realized the horror. My dress was completely transparent. I was wearing a tank top, but past that... hello legs! I was totally mortified with no solution in sight. I live 25 minutes away from the church so going home to change wasn't an option, either. So I quickly made my way to college group classroom. I stood against the wall with my purse hugging my hip and my Bible being a protection for my front, as I waited for a seat. I confided my dilemma in Carrie, and she sympathized. And really- what else can you do?

I sat down for Scott's lesson trying to focus on what he was saying... but my mind kept wandering (more like running) back to this problem. All of the sudden I had a marvelous epiphany! I had to fix it, and I couldn't want to wait until Scott was done, because everyone would be walking around in the packed hallways and I knew everyone would see. So car keys in hand I quietly left to my car. I remember 2 weeks ago I had purchased a yard and a half a black swimsuit fabric- and of course it was still in my car. I got that and again b-lined to the bathroom, quietly avoiding the few greeters and security team in the foyer. I wrapped the fabric around me twice and tucked it very carefully under my belt. If I moved even ever so slightly it would start to fall out and be seen at the hem of my dress. I walk carefully for the rest of church, sat of most of the time, and took lots of bathroom breaks to re-stuff my "slip." I was so afraid it was all going to fall out at once. I even had to leave service a few minutes early and was petrified to think that while walking out in the isle it would fall out for everyone to see.The second I got home, and I mean that SECOND, all the fabric slipped out and laid there. A giant black puddle of fabric at my feet. Not a second too soon.

And such was my morning. 


  1. Oh my. You are brave and crazy at the same time. I would have driven home right away, cried the whole way home and then needed a pep talk to get me back to church the following week. I've been reading your blog for about 3 weeks or so but haven't ever commented. Saw you on Farm Chicks blog tho...and knew I had to say congrats on the store! Sounds like an awesome job! And by the way...grea picture of you and Serena...you guys could pass for sisters. Not joking.

  2. Oh no you poor dear - how embarrassing!

    Glad to hear the fabric in the car saved the day and um yeah you are brave for staying at church regardless!

    God to know that fabric scraps in the car are good for something - I'll have to tell that to Morgan next time he complains I have too much 'crafty mess' exploding inside my car..
    "honey you just never know when it will come in useful' :)

  3. what a cute story! thanks for sharing.....i had my hand up to my mouth the whole time, like i was just hoping nobody noticed anything!! we all have "those" moments don't we?

    oh, p.s. i found you from the farm chicks! i love serena and her business! i have been following the farm chicks for many years since i read about them in country living magazine. my family is in spokane so i most DEFINITELY will be visiting the store!!! i. can't. WAIT!!!

  4. Great solution. I love that you didn't just go home...I would have totally done that. You are genius.
    Can't wait to see you at the store!


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