Restaurant Guide to Spokane, Washington

Nothing makes you realize how much you love your hometown like leaving it. Recently, I've come to the realization that my most favorite of restaurants in Spokane were local. Which is great! But not when you leave... I am creating quite a list of things I'm craving! So I thought I'd actually make a list of the best places in Spokane to eat. I hope you get a chance to enjoy some of these lovely places! Please remember that these are simply MY own personal favorites in Spokane. There are so many more! I just chose a few that I love. For a great full list of restaurants in Spokane, this is a great link.

Ultimate Bagel: This is the best for something on the go, although they do offer seating. They are located next to Starbucks and welcome you to brink in your beverage while you enjoy your bagel. My recommendation: Asiago bagel toasted with sun dried tomato pesto cream cheese. Best damn bagel you'll ever eat.

Old European: When you think of a breakfast place, this is exactly what ought to come to mind!

Milk Bottle: A classic place to eat in Spokane. It's literally shaped like a giant milk bottle. Have you ever seen Johnny Depp's film Benny and Joon? (Please say yes!) If you have, it was filmed there. 

Maggie's South Hill Grill: I believe I'm partial to this place because Kjirk took me there before he left for basic, right when we first started accidentally dating. I've enjoyed every visit there since. It's a great little lunch place that also offers alcoholic beverages and amazing desserts. 

Didier's Frozen Yogurt and More: A local staple. They offer delicious cheeseburgers. And that's about it. Their focus is frozen yogurt. They are the hipsters of frozen yogurt. They had it before it was cool. Their flavors are always changing. And on Tuesday a medium dish is only $1.69. Always has been, always will be. I can't tell you how many Tuesdays I spent there during high school. Mmm... Mango Tango..

Also see Madaleine's Cafe & Patisserie, Chaps under Cafe's below.

Fast Food:

Zip's: Papa Joe. Just get it. It's divine, in the fast food sort of way. And then be sure to get a tub of crinkle fries with the tartar sauce. They advertise that they should offer their tartar sauce as a beverage. They really should. Locations all over town.

Mustard Seed Noodle Express: If you're not feeling like sitting down for a lengthy lunch at Mustard Seed, just head to Noodle Express! Chicken Osaka... heavenly.

Senor Froggy's: It's not the fastest of fast food, but that's what makes it so good! They actually take some time to make it. Most of their restaurants are now paired with another (Bruchie's Luigi's Express), this makes it a great place for a group of people who can't decide what they want.

Bruchi's: Hello delicious cheesestakes! My favorite is the Caesar salad on a sandwich  They don't have it on the menu at all locations, but if you explain, they are always happy to make it for you.

Steer Inn: Just a good ol' burger and fries. And the thickest best real ice cream milkshakes you can find.

D'Lish's: Classic old fashioned burger joint. Can't go wrong. 


Chicken 'n Mo: Yes, that's seriously the name. And it's tiny, too. But probably the best ribs and barbecue sauce you can find. I don't even like ribs OR barbecue sauce and I chow this down like a man.

Mizuna: Wonderful place for a romantic date! They offer seating in a quaint alley next to it, as well. Think trees, strings of twinkle lights with fresh stems of flowers in a bottle on your table.

Wild Sage Bistro: Also a wonderful date night restaurant. Small and comfortable with an ever changing menu.

Savory Bistro and Lounge:

Clinckerdagger's: Probably Spokane's most acclaimed (a.k.a. "fancy") restaurant. It's been there forever. Right on the water, so you're view is beautiful. Great for a special occasion dinner.

Thai Bamboo: Best Thai. Ever. Please order the garlic chicken, you'll be so happy. I truly think every single thing on the menu is perfect. They just renovated a North side location that now offers a large bar and the entire ceiling is an ever changing light show imitating the sky twinkling and changing colors. It's beautiful and oh-so-Vegas.

Queen of Sheba: This is Ethiopian food. We went as an adventure not really knowing what to expect. The meal is shared family style, making it a great place to get a group of friends to go with and have a fun time! Extremely affordable, as well. Unfortunately, they do not serve alcohol. This is located in the Flour Mill, also making it a great fun night with friends, as the Flour Mill is full of fun things to explore (historic, too).

Mustard Seed: Delicious Asian bistro. A variety of tasty meals offered. If you don't feel like the wait, check out their express restaurant, Mustard Seed Noodle Express.


South Perry Pizza: This is quirky little pizza place where your servers are all hipsters, they don't serve plain pizzas, and in the summertime, they roll up the front of the building so it's all open. They have never ceased to amaze me! My favorite: thin crust pizza with olive oil topped with red onion, pistachios, rosemary and provolone cheese. Absolutely amazing. They always offer new recipes with seasonal ingredients (when we went in Autumn, my mom got a pizza topped with butternut squash and hazelnuts.) Go out and enjoy yourself!

Pete's: It may look a little dive-y on the outside, but don't let that fool you! Such a quality pizza place, long locally owned by some really wonderful people. When they say they are the calzone King, they really mean it! Don't you dare leave there without eating a calzone.

Rocky Roccoco: Long time favorite in Spokane. A fun location in the very heart of downtown makes it a fun place to eat out with friends. I've never seen such thick crust on a pizza, while still not tasting too heavy! Ok, I realized later this isn't really local. I don't care. I love it.

Opa: Not too many restaurants on the very North Side of town, but this happily changed that! A great little Mediterranean restaurant with amazing pizza!

Bennidito's: A south hill and Indian trails favorite. Great for take out for those neighborhoods.

Coffee shop/bakery/bistro

Chaps: Owned by one of the most wonderful people I know, this place will never disappoint you. The french toast is a mile high, made with thick baguette bread and topped with a cranberry cream cheese. Yumm.... They recently opened up a full bakery within the restaurant, Pink. This is also one of the most beautiful and eclectic places I've ever seen. Full restaurant, bakery, bar and espresso- indoor and outdoor seating. I always recommend this for the ladies who lunch! But I would truly recommend this for everything.

Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie: Oh, how I miss this place! A French style bistro/bakery in the heart of downtown. Wonderful for coffee dates with friends, a fast yet hearty lunch, enjoying a freshly baked treat and sitting by yourself and reading a book... It's perfect for everything. Make sure to try out their tomato basil soup (hence the photo). It's one of the best I've ever had. And then be sure to get some treats.

Atticus Coffee & Gifts: A great coffee shop that is relatively new in downtown. They also are a really fun home shop- perfect for finding a little gift for someone. And once you finish there, be sure to go visit their sister store, a quickly little book/gift shop also downtown, called Boo Radley's.

Sweet Dreams Bakery: It may seem like an odd location, inside of Pounder's Jewelery Store. But it is worth every second of going out of your way to go there. I've never had a more perfectly divine cupcake in my life. Order from Susie a custom cake for your event, or just stop in her cupcake lounge! No matter what flavor you choose- you can't go wrong. I do highly recommend the pink champagne, though. Die. Delicious.

Tulley's: Specifically, in Browne's Addition. Browne's Addition used to be a historic and wealthy neighborhood, it then somehow turned into somewhat of a slum (as "slummy" as anything could get in Spokane). But over the past few years, the hipsters have invaded and really made in an awesome place! Always hosting art shows, free music festivals in the park, offering a quirky neighborhood, and now some fun little shops. Tulley's is the perfect place to ride your bike to and get a nice coffee.

Sweet Frosting's Bake Shop:  A wonderful bakery in downtown Spokane! Beautifully decorated and offered a variety of tasty concoctions. (She made a stunning cake for my bridal shower in a strawberry pink champagne flavor... every single person made note of how amazing it was!)

Bloem's: Right in RiverPark Square Mall, it's a fun place to visit. It's a flower shop, gift shop and chocolatierre. Find your perfect truffle or treat. I go there very Christmas for my beloved sugar plums.

Rocket Bakery: These bakery coffee shops are taking all of Spokane! And for the best of reasons! You can find them anywhere, and they all have their own unique charm. Quickly get a cup of coffee on your way to work (and a giant pink cookie for the road), or stop and stay for lunch with a friend. 


Ferrante's: Gelato, pizza, gift shop. Do I need to say more?

-Cassano's: A completely charming Italian grocery market, that also offers great-grandma-made-it-herself-lasagna.

Huckelberry's: Spokane's premiere natural market. Visit the location on the South Hill, and you'll be stopping for lunch and coming home with fresh flowers, natural veggies, some oats in bulk and inevitably some more local goods! If you've never had a forest grown ripe huckleberry- find one. They are worth every penny.


Elk Public House: A great place for lunch, dinner, or drinks and live music. In the fun and quirky Browne's Addition this is such a great place to hangout. Also, use their website to locate the other fun Public Houses that they own in Spokane.

Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar: A great date night. Located in the heart of downtown in River Park Square Mall, and also on the very North Side of town. I love going for happy hour. It's conveniently timed and you can get great $5 cocktails and get a plate of basil fries with the Gorgonzola sauce. I don't even have enough words to tell you how amazing that sauce is.

Scout:  This is a new restaurant in Spokane and I am so thankful it is there. Such a fun and quirky environment! And one of the only bars, but not too bar-esque places that is actually open late! Full service menu, full bar. They have billiards as well. Check out their schedule to see what events they offer nightly. We had our rehearsal dinner there. They were so kind and helpful (extremely affordable, too). The bridal party ended up staying there for hours after playing Trivia will all the other people there. So much fun!

Satellite Diner: Basically, this is just a classic diner and has been in Spokane forever. It is also one of the few places open late. Go and enjoy a burger and some drinks! 


  1. Filing this away for future use ... We'll be in town June 22-29. Let me know if you're planning a trip home during this time :)

    1. Great! I'll keep those dates in mind, that would be so amazing if it worked!

  2. Thanks for the restaurant guide! I haven't been to Spokane in about 10 years, so I appreciate the "where to" advice.

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