I find out tomorrow if I my application goes through on an apartment. It's like a dream come true. It is stunningly beautiful. It even has a claw foot tub! I applied for one before this... I thought that was the perfect one, too.  Someone else got it only hours before me. I was so upset about it. But the Lord is my provider, and boy does he provide! This is far better than the first. And I know that even if this doesn't work it will be okay. He has a perfect plan for me.

But I hope it does because I have everything planned out. : ) I have no money to buy anything else for my apartment, but if I did UO would be getting it all.


  1. Exciting! I hope that you get it! But, your right, He is the Provider, so all is well...

  2. so fun to meet you today~! I was the lady who came in w/the firefighter husband at the end of the day :) hope to see you again~!

  3. Wonderful News about your apartment! I hope you post pictures. I Know that it will be so Shabby Chic/Hippy/J.Crew cute!!! I think that we could start a whole business combining all three of those looks. We will have to think of a name. :)
    ENOY every minute!!!

  4. Just bumped into your website via The Farmchicks. I love it! I spent some time pouring through your very creative posts. I am a former interior designer (SAHM now) with a degree in Fine Arts and I gotta tell ya, you are one creative gal! Isn't it exciting to find beautiful little treasures in our world!? My blog, which I just started, is www.ginghamgurl.blogspot.com I'm still waiting for someone to tell me if it is okay to send along my blog address or if it is tacky. I am new to blogging.

  5. Mamasue: It was so nice to meet you too! I had a horrible day that day and it was so pleasant to end the day with you and your husband being so cheery! Thanks for coming in and for following my blog. See you soon!


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