My 2012 in Review

What a year 2012 was. I finished my first full year of college (with honors). Kjirk and I experienced and survived a 10 month deployment. I spent every Sunday at my favorite lake with my sister in law. I got engaged and married! I moved away from my hometown for the first time 2,500 miles away to Alaska.

I learned SO much in school. Not just things of design... but also so much more about myself and learning what I am capable of. I really miss being there. I made some wonderful friends along the way. These were some of my favorite projects.

Deployment was every bit awful. One way to communicate was to end him care packages. Scout liked to help. 

I got engaged. No big deal. He was home for leave for R&R. You can read about it here

My little business, Posey and Bloom was thriving! I did so many wedding this summer and met some amazing brides. 

I got a new tattoo. I love it. It's an excerpt from an old English poem by Gearoge Herbert. You can read it here. It says "such a heart whose pulse may be Thine praise. 

Had an amazing bridal shower. I make a lot of facial expressions (usually silly). I noticed it's very rare for me to find a candid shot of me that I look like a normal person. At my entire bridal shower, this is the closest we get. These are some of my best and oldest friends.

Spent fourth of July on a rooftop with my favoritest brother and awesome sister in law. That other guy? Yeah, we don't really know, either. But he sure kept making us laugh a lot. 

And then she and I spent more hours than I can count at my beloved Loon Lake in Washington. That place is like a home to me. 

I got my dream Jeep Wrangler (well, ok- maybe my actually dream Jeep would be a totally brand new Wrangler....) 2005 perfect body style. I love this car. 

Said goodbye to my precious first apartment. I love that place and have so many fond memories of it. I packed it all up and lived with the parents for a month!

Spent another full year with the world's greatest coworkers. I am so thankful for these ladies. They are more sisters to me than coworkers. My "boss" was actually a bridesmaid. I still call there and get to be on speakerphone and chat with them all while they're at work. I am so blessed. 

I became a Mrs! Probably the biggest thing to happen! I love being married...

My Saint of a father and a family friend drove my belongings all the way here. Kjirk is on the left, Dad middle, Richard right. 

We flew. With a very drugged sleepy little Kitty.

Now were living in the Arctic (not really). I like this picture because the sun is actually out. That doesn't happen. Sad.

Had our first Thanksgiving together. And Christmas, too. Even New Year's Eve!


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  1. what a full and busy year you've had my dear! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you and Kirk! And also... how do u look so amazing in every photo... I think u need to come here and be my own personal stylist lol :)


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