Christmas Recap

Our first Christmas together was absolutely wonderful! On Christmas eve we had a traditional dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes (a guilty family favorite) and salad. We watched It's a Wonderful Life and then old home movies of Kjirk as a baby that his sister sent us. We each got to open one gift. Christmas day we feasted on homemade cinnamon rolls, plenty of leftovers and my share of mimosas.

Oh, and we had fun giving Kitten her gifts, too. A mini knitted stocking with catnip treats and a ferret with a long fuzzy tail. Kjirk did not understand the need for getting her gifts, as well, but then thought it was pretty hysterical when she kept picking the entire bag of treats up and running away with them.

Hubs did such a great job with my gifts that I just had to share. This stuff is so wonderful! The Herschel backpack is something I've wanted for a long time, but could never justify the price. There's a good chance I wore that backpack with my pajamas on in the house all day... The shirt is divinely comfortable, despite the look on that model's face. Chalkboard contact paper?! Hello, brilliant! We have been doodling away at it as it's now adorning our rented walls. He also got me some fun new ingredients for me to try cooking with. Has anyone ever cooked with truffle oil before?? What's your favorite recipe or thing you've tasted with truffle oil? I'm trying to get ideas. Mimosa jam- it's as glorious as it sounds. And hello! I can't get over the constellation globe. He also got me a beautiful vintage ring at a local antique market here. It's so special to me- I'll always remember our first Christmas together. I sure do love him.

What I got for Christmas

As far as recipes go: I didn't get to as much as I thought I would. Sometimes I forget that we're just two people. I may be feeding one person in the Army- but not the entire Army. 
The cinnamon rolls were relatively time consuming, and it seemed they were much different than the photo. I felt the whole time I was making it that somehow I was doing it wrong. They just didn't seem to rise anywhere near the amount she was saying they would. But they still turned out delicious despite the confusion. And the frosting was just like Cinnabon! Amazing! They were worth it. 
I did make the cranberry cream cheese dip- delicious as usual!


  1. We just used that contact paper on the backside of our kitchen island...this way my 4 year old can draw on the "wall" and I can keep an eye on him whilst in the kitchen! It is genius! Glad you both had a lovely day!

    1. That is a fantastic idea, Pam! It must be a fun and ever changing beckground in your kitchen. Seriously, that stuff is awesome... we're having so much fun with it, as grown-ups- so I'm sure it's amazing for little kiddos! Happy New Year!


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