Perfect Workspace

After two months of living here we're finally starting to feel a bit more settled in. We purchased our first sofa over Christmas- yay! And we made our dining room table, which sounds much more fancy that it really is. We love it. Doing so, we were able to move some other furniture into our closet/storage/army/office/craft room. Anyone else have on of those? I now have a little work space in there and have been feeling so much more creative! I'm actually accomplishing things, rather than just staring at inspirational things all day.... Anyone else suffer from that? Just being constantly inspired, but not actually doing??

I find people's work spaces to be fascinating. Some are cluttered. Some are organized. Some are impractical. And some are put together and thoughtful. I think there's no right answer for one's place of work, but for me, this is what I have found to be spectacular items for an effective space to create.

Perfect workspace

-An efficient desk. Okay, I know this isn't really a desk to sit at, as it has no place for legs, but hear me out. It's fabulous.
-A great chair. Simple, right? I think it's more important than people give it credit. When I put my vintage and oh-so-comfortable tufted chair in there, I work for much longer than when just a simple wooden chair is there.
-Plants. Creativity is about life. Work spaces are too often stifled. Give your work space LIFE. Open the window, bring in fresh air and sunshine and grow some plants.
-Candles and music. I work so much better with good music playing and a lovely candle burning. There's nothing worse than forced creativity. This helps relax the mood.
-An Inspiration Board. SO important! Stop relying on online folders and Pinterest. Embrace cutting out beautiful ads and photos. Paint strips and fabric swatches. Whatever you are drawn to. Keep what inspires you on an ever-changing canvas in front of you. I like to put my most recent work up there. After staring at it for a while, I either notice things that need to be changed or improved, or I notice that I like it and am proud of my work and inspires me to keep working hard.
-Notecards & Journals: Always have something to write your thoughts down, lists or even groceries when they come to mind. Keep some beautiful notecards handy and send people and old fashioned card in the mail and make their day!
-A Calendar: To keep deadlines in sight. 
-Plethora of art supplies: Even if you don't have a direct and intentional use for art supplies, I love purchasing them. Because one day, I know I'll find the perfect use for them. Does that make me sound like a hoarder? ;) But really, I love having a stash of glitter, colorful washi tape, an assortment of pencils and copious amounts of pens just waiting for me to create something brilliant. 
-Good lighting: I think this should speak for itself. 

Oh, and P.S. aren't those cork boards wonderful? I can't wait to make them. 

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