New Years Eve Ideas

I think if I could have a dream job, no not the "realistic" type of dream job- you know, the job where it actually exists? I mean a dream job, where it's dreamy because it's fantastic, but also because it doesn't exist in reality. Only in the fascination of my mind. It would be to throw parties. Don't get ahead of yourselves and tell me, "uh, hello! Be a party planner, or event coordinator!" No. That sounds like eternal torture to me. Believe me. I just want to throw parties for my friends, all the time, and not only not have to pay for it, but actually get paid for it. It's something I think about often.

So in my make believe world, I threw all these different parties for New Years together in my mind. Each, apparently, for a different character in my mind.

New Year's Eve: The DIY Diva

New Year's Eve: the lady like vixen

New Year's Eve: the art student

Happy New Year!


  1. I just clicked on those gold monogrammed mugs and they are on sale for 1.99 right now. Really like those.

    1. That's exciting! Aren't they so beautiful? I have one similar (in black) from Anthropologie. It's so big, I keep it by the sink and keep all of the toothbrush stuff in it. I love it!


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