It's been a while! But as you may have guessed... Kjirk came home! The two weeks were like a blink. And there I was, waking up at 4 this morning to go to the airport for him to go back to Afghanistan. Today I am brokenhearted. So to help with my sadness I am sharing the joy. I can't wait to blog all the trip details.... but first I have something to show you....

Yep! This girl is the luckiest girl in the world! We're getting married!

So the story goes like this: Kjirk came home coincidentally at the perfect time at my Spring Break. He would be home for two weeks during his deployment in Afghanistan for R & R. He planned a special trip for us to get away.... when you are home for such short periods, and an engagement is in the nearing future- there are many things to do and even more people to see. The time alone was wonderful. He planned everything and didn't tell me our destination until just a few days before. We drove to Quinn's Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana. He says this is his way of trying to ease me into camping... which I kindly respond “good luck.” The hot springs were warm and relaxing, we had an amazing cabin in the wilderness with NO bears, or evil creatures, but rather, a plethora of bunnies. We had wonderful food, went climbing and exploring, and mostly just enjoyed being together. Something the two of us have NEVER taken for granted. On our last day, Kjirk told me he wanted to go on another adventure. The weather was beyond stunning. Bright and beautiful. We drove a few miles down from our resort and found a bridge that had a path that led down to the river. We parked the car and went on our journey. I had an inappropriate shoe choice, as always... but he was a trooper and fought the urge to take the hard routes. We ended up on this little haven of a sandy beach. The view was unlike I have ever seen. The river was sparkling in the sunlight, the mountains were towering over us, there was no one and nothing around us for miles. Just us. I kept babbling on, like I always do, and he just kept listening intently and patiently, like he always does. I told him this would be a phenomenal wedding location, like something seen on Style Me Pretty (like he knows what that is, but we just go with it).... so he decided it was a good place to get engaged. To give a background... Kjirk loves to read. Novels, stories- just loves it. His mom liked to write short stories and send them to him during training. So for his first care package I sent during deployment I sent him the first installment of "Our Story." I love to write and it was something he and I both would enjoy as sappy as it sounds. With school and craziness of life, I haven't sent him any more installments of our story. But he remembered. As we walked out to that little beach, he pulled out 8 pages of crumpled paper he had stuffed under is flannel shirt. He handed them to me and asked me to read them to him. It was titled "Our Story Continued." Kjirk had not only written our story from his perspective, but he continued it on. He wrote about our letters in basic training, and how thoughts of me distracted him. He wrote about the first time we saw each other after he got out of basic and AIT. Nothing left out. It was perfect. Every part of it was perfect. The silly jokes, the sadness, the truth, the love, the abundant amount of typos and misspellings... it was us. The story continued to exactly what was happening at that moment. He said that the "two of them are standing in a secluded place. And at this point he is standing closer and she is realizing what is happening." It read that the story had to continue. And for the story to continue there must be an important question asked. As I read this I just started to cry and didn't know if I could finish reading, after looking at him starting to lower to one knee I somehow found my spot again on the page and it read "she probably is crying and not sure if she can finish reading... he assures her that she needs to finish." He knows me too well, that one. By this time he was on his knee in front of me- just as I was reading it would be. The last sentence said "he said her name softly to get her attention and asked...." And there we were. Him on his knee asking me to be his wife, and I was crying saying yes.


  1. OH MY DEAR LORD! Let me the be the first to congratulate you here in blogland! What a wonderful story to tell. Someone who thought that much about the proposal is definitely a keeper! Can't wait to see your next "chapter". So happy for you and all the best wishes in the world!

  2. Congrats Amanda! That ring....oh girl, he did well. :)


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