Winter Working Out

I feel this is an appropriate time to talk about working out, as I last blogged all about my love of food! All of these are things I love for working out! I chose bright colors because it is SO dark here, always! In fact, I was so confused as to how to get to the gym the other day even though I've been there many times. I realized it was because it was the first time I had been there while it was light out. Pathetic. Bright colors make me very happy.... Making working out tolerable it takes some effort. I think some cheery new gear always does the trick.

The water bottle is so fabulous. Made of glass, but covered in a removable silicone case to protect it. I also struggle with being a good water drinker. When I try and hydrate pre-workout, putting some raspberry Emergen-C definitely helps.
I also can't work out unless I'm chewing gum.

And now I'm off to the gym! Really.

Sunshine for working out!

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