{Jen & Joshua}

So I have another wedding coming up. This wedding means so much to me personally. The groom is practically my brother. In fact, in high school I told everyone that he really was, and they believed me. I've completely fallen in love with his fiancee and am thrilled to be apart of their wedding. These two mean so much to me.

Their wedding is in May and will be in Whidbey Island, a place about 6 hours from here. I'll be doing the decor and flowers (of course!). The Bride, Jen, has chosen lovely shades of teal with accents of raspberry for her colors. So inspiring! All of the florals will be in deep pinks using peonies, ranunculas, anemones and curly willow.

And don't worry... I'm sure you'll heare plenty more about this wedding!

Photo 2: Unknown

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