{Wonderful Guys}

These guys really make my days a little spectacular.

1. I l.o.v.e. to cook and feed people. These two are always willing participants.
2. They're always willing to play photobooth with me. Especially when we discovered you can draw. Yes, the last one says BFFF backwards. Because that's what we are.
3. They mail me letters over Christmas break.
4. They make me dinner and watch movies with me.
5. We have baking lessons together.
6. When I said that I used to be able to go out to movies and now I have no one to take me.... they brought me sparkling cider (my FAVE), flowers and took me to see a movie.
7. When I get compulsions to bake brownies at 2 in the morning they're always awake for a special delivery so I don't eat them all myself.
8. The first time they came over I answered the door crying while wearing a glittery little mermaid t-shirt. (It was without notice, in all fairness!)
9. They love Jesus, too.
10. We're soul sisters...

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