Wedding: Part One

I woke up early that day. October 19th, 2012. I can't really describe the feeling, or better yet, even comprehend it- but it was calm wrapped up in a ball of nerves. It was my wedding day.

 I was the first one awake and I enjoyed the solace as I soaked in the tub and let the room be filled with that early blue light. It was raining outside, and it felt refreshing. As I stood up and dried myself off- I wore the silk robe I had chosen for this very day. It was my "something blue," with lace embroidered sleeves. I took a deep breath as I walked into our hotel room to see my bridesmaids sleeping. 

I was ready. 

The girls slowly started to wake. I still was able to enjoy a moment with each of them in the calm before the storm. I got to paint my sweet Sara's nails. 

One by one the room was growing. The other bridesmaid bearing and gifting my beloved skinny caramel latte. The hair stylist. The makeup artists. Surprise guests. 

Our morning was filled with plenty of mimosas, snacks all over the room, cupcakes and coffee. 

We giggled as I believe every bride and her friends should on a wedding day. I enjoyed having each of them there. I love this sister more than anyone can know.

My hair was done, I had attempted eating breakfast and my makeup was flawless. And it was time.


  1. Love hearing your perspective and thoughts about the day and seeing more pictures. Seriously Amanda your wedding was amazing!!!!

  2. Beautiful and fun wedding : ) My favorite parts: your white feather dress bodice, your family was beaming, beautiful bridesmaids in glitter tops, whimsical soda pop refreshments, touches of black, the bride and groom mingling before the wedding ?! that was so surprising and charming, loved the venue - love Spokane, loved how Kjirk came and found me and introduced himself. It was just a great day. Lots of love, Aunt Catherine

    1. Those were some of my favorite things, too. :) We're so happy you came!


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