{It's True}

I am so excited to share with you my dream come true. In approximately 118 days (who's counting) I will be leaving on a jet plane for Ethiopia. I still don't know much about the details but I do know this:

I will be working in an orphanage.
I will probably be a teacher.
I'll most likely be the only one from my team staying long term.
I don't know how to explain how excited I am, while at the same time scared witless.
I've never felt more secure in the knowledge that I am in the center of God's perfect will.
I will want to bring home every child I see.
They don't really use toilet paper.
While I am filled to the brim with anxiousness- I know that His Grace alone is sufficient for me.
My knees and shoulders have to be covered every day.
I don't think they have showers.
I wish I could learn how to play guitar before I go so I could sing & play with the children. (I love teaching kids music.)

Have you ever seen such a stunning people group? I'm in love with them already.

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  1. That is fantastic! I think you could learn to play some guitar between now and then : ) I have an antique mini auto harp in my prop room what about that? May be cool to take just for them to play with.

  2. This IS fantastic...inspiring!Now, I need to figure out if you've gone already or not......I'm new to your blog, I'm glad I've found it to follow along on your journey. I think it's good to be in 'His perfect will.'

    The children you meet, you will want to bring home-they will be etched on your heart forever.


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