I realized today how strongly I associate smells with memories, particularly locations and traveling. I realized this as I spritzed my Bath and Body works "White Cherry Blossom" on my scarf for a boost (I always like my scarves to smell good!). As I did this memories of my trip to South East Asia when I was 16 came flooding back to me.

This reminded me of the 4 little perfume samples I have of this lovely scent that I keep neatly tucked away for only very special occasions. It also has memories for me. Memories of a fun trip to Europe with my beloved and crazy French teacher, my best friend, and my boyfriend. A memory of a nauseating bus ride, playing hooky on a factory tour, a secret hike up a gorgeous mountain, and still getting the sweet surprise of LOTS of free perfume samples that I should have got on the lame factory tour that I was supposed to be on. I got the best of both worlds.

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