So I have all of these notebooks. A TON of them. I just buy them when I see them, or they are on sale, or get them "special" because I'm on vacation. But I never use them. They just sit there, bored on the shelf. Waiting for me.

The other night while chatting it up with my friend, Lindsy, she told me briefly of her wonderful plan for a cute new notebook she got for Christmas. A Blessing Book. Times are rough and it is so easy to be caught up in the negative. I don't want to be a negative, pessimistic or bitter person- which I easily tend to do. So I want to be thankful and realize the blessings I have in my life.

Because my God is more than sufficient, he is abounding in grace.

So this is exactly what I am going to do! This won't be a little sappy book, either. Saying things life "Family" and "friends." While those are great blessings, I want to be specific and real. I am going to write things that happen to me like the time when I left my wallet in the car and the Starbucks lady just gave me the coffee anyway, for free. Or when the kind customer brought me flowers and said "Happy Holidays" just because. I have a blessed life, I want to acknowledge that.

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