{I think you should know...}

Some things about me.
0. There is a really funny story behind this picture.
1. I have used the word "procure" 7 times in the last 3 days.
2. I am a compulsive namer. Everything in my life as a name.
3. I am a Christian.
4. Being much younger than the rest of my siblings, I've never known how to act my own age. Ever.
5. My cat's name is Chicken.
6. My hair is ridiculously long and very curly. I feel like Rapunzel.
7. I am far too attached to inanimate objects.
8. Raw tomatoes are disgusting. So is fish.
9. I'm a good baker but I can't make frosting.
10. Cody is the only boy I've ever dated. We've been together since we were 16.
11. I'm afraid of getting old.
12. I work at Polka Dot Pottery.
13. I am an excellent parallel parker.
14. I like expensive things, but can rarely afford them.
15. I want to be a mermaid.
16. I love being surrounded my pretty things.
17. I was ASB president in the 6th grade.
18. I don't watch very much television at all.
19. And yes, I do always call it television. Not TV.
20. I adore singing, it makes me very happy.
21. My faith is the most important thing to me.
22. My toenails are always always always painted.
23. I don't swear.
24. I never have happy dreams, only nightmares.
25. I've been in love with Brad Pitt since I was 6. Really.
26. My first words were "bug" and "tack-strip."
27. My creativity is almost burdensome at times. I get depressed if I don't have an outlet.
28. I go to college, but I don't know why.
29. Africa is where my heart is.
30. I think pregnancy is the weirdest concept ever. And then I think it even weirder that no one else thinks that!
31. I've been to China, Italy, France, Monaco and Canada. And a lot of airports.
32. I want to travel my whole life.
33. I don't have very many friends.
34. Farfalle is an odd word.
35. I think my nephews are the cutest things in the whole world!
36. I cry every time I watch The Notebook.
37. Sour Patch Kids are yummmy.
38. Sometimes my mom and I get so goofy my dad just leaves the room and calls us "spaz sisters."
39. My mom and I think we should have our own television show. It would be funny.
40. I don't trust people.
41. My sisters and I all have names that start with the letter A.
42. My other cat, Junipur, is as old as me. I've never been without her.
43. I'm very happy.
44. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
45. Other girls intimidate me.
46. I miss my dog, Clyde.
47. I wear the same ring every day.
48. I'm 19 years old.
49. I'm afraid of fish and cows.
50. I eat way too much ice cream.
51. I am spatially impaired and run into things a lot.
52. I don't like the first song on CD's.
53. I hate scary movies.
54. I love the way vintage things smell.
55. My car's name is Gilbert.
56. I have a long scar on my face.
57. I like my parents a lot.
57. My sister is a lawyer.
58. I am baffled that there is a television series called "I didn't know I was pregnant."
59. I don't like shopping with people.
60. This is my life.


  1. yay so glad I can comment you easily now!!

    You've no idea how cute and sweet and funny I think this post is - you sound adorable and I am sure we would get along so well - we've quite a lot in common - #14, #16, #18,#20, #21, #23, #33, #36, #53 & oh my #38 sounds familiar over here too- our boys think we are so strange!

    and #50 is SO Morgan - seriously we got an icecream scoop for our engagement party and were told - we tried to find the biggest one specially for M!

    ps. do we get to know whats the funny story behind the pic?!

  2. Hi Amanda! Your are a breath of fresh air!! Loved reading about YOU!! Yes, I eat to much ice cream and I'm in love with Brad Pitt too!!XOXO Glad/Junebug


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