{art for sale}

These are some pieces of art I have created on walls using scrapbook paper. And in the most humble way let me say that- I think that they are pretty cool! I did this crown for a little girls room. That crown is about 4 feet wide and includes a lot of sequins. As every little girls room should! (Mine does!)

I did this at my church. This used to be the youth wing, and I was in charge of decorating! I did this to display mission work around the world. And yes- that is chalkboard paint in the back. (Soon I will be hand painting the verse that says "to the ends of the earth" above it.) To put it into context I'm about as tall of Africa!! I loved getting to do this and picking out the colors and making each continent its own.

I'm really posting this because I would like to start doing this more. I found out earlier this week that I will be able to spend my summer in Ethiopia. (Which we will talk more about later.... because I. AM. SO. EXCITED.) However, that is very expensive. I will keep on working working working, but I will be starting to do some things to earn a little extra so that I can afford this amazing opportunity. This is just the start. And my Etsy shop will finally be coming soon! So if you are local to the Spokane area in Washington state and are interested at all look at my profile and send me an e-mail! Or just leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you, and even more would love to work for you! This is a great way to make a wall amazing, or add detail to something. It is totally customizable.


  1. I love those murals, Amanda. Can't wait for your Etsy shop!

  2. Hi, It's the curly girl! Thanks for linking me to your blog. Ethiopia keeps coming up everywhere I look! A friend is going there next summer, and my brother is planning to adopt a little boy from there if they can. I love your work.

  3. Amanda! LOL, I didn't even know this was you. Should have figured it out, but I'm a little slow today! I do love your work! I got thrown off by the Robyn part :)


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