I've always hated balloons. I have always thought they were very tacky. But recently I was thinking- no- admitting that I like them. I like them and it makes me mad. Now, don't be under any assumption that I would like to be the recipient of a balloon bouquet in the near future. No, I don't like them that way. I like them in a different way. I like the way that somehow they emit happiness. I like the way the bounce and the "bop" noise made when you tap them. I like the way a child's face glows when they receive this magical thing that holds the ability to float in the air- only tethered to their tiny arms. I like the way the word sounds and feels in my mouth. I like that they are free. I like the way the word looks when I write it. I like that as a child I thought if a wrote a note to God and tied it to a balloon- he would get it when I let go. And I like that they can be any color they want.

Images: 1, 2 & 3 Are here. Image 4 & 5 from Pink Wallpaper. Image 6 Here Image 7 from 100 Layer Cake

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  1. ooh I have to agree with you - I've always thought balloons were a little tacky. But there are some amazing images out there with balloons that are just so gorgeous!

    like the ones you posted :)


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