{Vintage Noelle}

{Vintage Noelle}

A very merry vintage Christmas shopping experience.
Come and enjoy music and cider while shopping for
All vintage Christmas decor, furniture, children's items, silver, linens and much more!

Friday December 4th
Montfort School
1915 W. Monroe Rd.
Colbert, WA
West of HWY 395- South of Deer Park

We're taking the plunge in hosting our very own Christmas show this year. It is going to be absolutely lovely. We are doing a lot of planning so that it will be a winter wonderland for everyone. We would love it if you all could come and support us. We have quite a bit of amazing Christmas items for sale, and along with that we're bringing furniture, vintage kid's items and lots more too, for you to enjoy. I so hope to see you all there! If you have any questions, or comments I would love to hear them!
Update: I did this post extremely early in the morning, and after having read through it realized I had made more typos than a 5 year old. So here it is-- edited! Like it should have been the first time! :)


  1. Hi Amanda! The girls and I are looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Can't wait to see all your Christmas tresures you've been collecting for your show. xo Glad & Celia/Junebug

    P.S. We are featuring you and your show on our blog this week....Blessings, have a great show

  2. Just wandered over from the Farm Chicks blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I wish you could meet my daughter, I think you might be kindred spirits. Keep blogging!


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