It feels like everything has been changing in my life. I'm out of high school, I've just started college, been trying to find a new job, I'm in the college group now at church, instead of the youth group. Everything has been making me feel so out of place in my own life. It's been making me feel overwhelmed, stressed and at the same time- too busy to even notice! It is so much better now, though. I've been making my surroundings more organized and clean, the anxiety of "first week of school" is gone.... It's been good. But I think I got the best news this afternoon. I got my new job! Words cannot even begin to explain how good my God is and how gracious he is to bless me like this. Every single thing about it is absolutely perfect. really people, I mean everything. I'm really ready to move on from my current job, but I will still keep working seasonally at the Flower Shop. Oh, I'm so happy. everything is where it should be, again.

Image: Onlygooddreams

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