Woodland Nymph

My sister, Amber, is a lawyer by profession; but she is really destined to be a famous fashion guru, like Rachel Zoe. She has decided to start a fashion blog, with advice, tips and lots of pictures. Her blog isn't up for the public eye yet, but will be soon. So to start off she asked me to come for a visit and be her personal stylist and photographer. She wanted to have some fashionable photos of herself to be able to post.
We had so much fun doing this together. She had her outfits already planned before I came; they were so beautiful! I did her makeup and hair for each shot. Then we found a nice cove of trees behind her neighbor's garage.... which he then found us mid-shoot while he was mowing the lawn... awkward. He was nice, but he thought we were crazy. All the more fun, I suppose.
Prior to the shoot we watched America's Next Top Model to be inspired. Later, Amber would refer to me as "Tyra" when I would be coaching her through each shot. We were fierce. We thought how nice it would have been to have professional lighting and surroundings (with a hot guy to hold an umbrella to keep the sun out of our eyes, too) but it really worked with our accidental theme of "woodland nymph."
Upon seeing the results Amber simply stated "We are clearly destined for greater things."

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Images: Amanda Panagos

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