{Rose Mirror}

Recently on one of my favorite blogs, Decor8, Hollie featured a very talented blogger/etsy shop owner/photographer named Danielle Thompson. She featured photos from her house. May I say it was one of the most fascinating, colorful and amazing decorating I have ever seen? I could go on and on saying how impressed I am by her house, but I would just be repeating all of Decor8's. So have a look here for the real deal. The real reason I am posting this is because of that mirror. I think it is one of the most unique and stunning pieces I have ever seen. And guess what! We have it, and it's going to be for sale next weekend at our sale at the Mad Hatter Show! Yay! Lucky you!

Okay, I couldn't resist talking a little more about how amazing her house is. I don't know if I'm quite this bold with color, (although to be honest my style is pretty colorful) but I feel like it's giving me courage. And if nothing else, it sure is giving me a ton of inspiration. (Particularly for fall decorating with all those orange and autumn colored pieces.)

Plus I love her blog.

Images: Danielle Thompson Photography

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