I am addicted to scouring Craigslist everyday. You never know what you're going to find. And on Saturday I found the most amazing project... for free. It's a vintage sofa with the perfect frame. Everything I have been looking for. With some love, of course.

It definitely needs some serious attention, but I can't wait! We're in need of another sofa, but with life as it is, it's something I don't feel comfortable adding to our budget for right now. Especially since the one I have my eye on is $3,000. But when I saw this I knew it was something I couldn't wait to tackle.

I can't wait to get this project started (among my growing list of activities). But for now my mission is finding the perfect fabric. I'm pretty positive my heart is set on a charcoal colored velvet.

This is my inspiration. I love the tufting (I won't commit to that many, though! Goodness!) But won't know if I can do that until I start the deconstruction process. The top sofa is from West Elm, but if you know the source of the second image, I'd love to know. I cannot find it.

Do any of you know a great place to order upholstery fabric from online? Maybe one that doesn't cost an arm & leg? Our local fabric store has it at about $60/yard, but I can use a 50% coupon, but I need a lot of yardage. If I order online, so far the shipping is $70+. I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. WOW your more game than I!!! :)
    I half finished a mid century armchair I found but got so frustrated with the upholstery i ended up getting another lady to do it lol
    have you done a course?

    1. Thanks, Katie! No, I haven't taken a course. It's been more of a learn-as-I-go experience. Thankfully there are so many amazing online tutorials, though!


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