The Chair that Started it All

Guys. These chairs. I spotted them at Value Village months ago. They were priced at $24 each and I knew it was a bargain. Mr. Dixon was with me and he could not get over how hideous they were (can you even blame him?). I had to promise him for a straight 5 minutes, that yes, I would reupholster them.  He even went on to tell me that I wasn't "allowed" to start any more projects until these beasts were covered.

Yes. Completely heinous. But the potential was infinite.

Structurally, these chairs are impeccable! Quality furniture is definitely harder to find these days, so when I find something I can spruce up, I want to jump on the opportunity.

Did I mention when when we purchased the chairs there was a mishap with the "military discount button" and she charged us $20 for BOTH. When I questioned her she just didn't even care. Um, ok... thanks? Score!

But look at what they look like after! And by "they" I really mean one, because I still have to do the other one...

I immediately knew I wanted them to be a cream color, so that they would really pop. But I was so worried they would dirty quickly. I know they still will, I'm sure, but it was worth it. 

See how fantastic (and interesting) that wood detailing is? I love it and I am in love with these chairs. And now it has clearly sparked something even bigger, now that I've lugged an entire sofa home to reupholster.

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  1. Hi there -

    I found your blog through greenweddingshoes!
    I had a question about the backdrop you made for yoru wedding. I am wanting to do something similar (most likely 1.5 sheets from home depot) for our entry way. I'm assuming hinges were involved to transport it? My fiance isn't a handy man so we're both a little stuck! :)
    Hope to hear back from you.


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