A Little Valentine Cheer

I miss my friend tremendously. When we both lived in the same city only 10 minutes from each other. We always had a photoshoot up our sleeves or craft projects or giving each other Patawon braids... I hate living so far away from each other. So this year, I decided to send her some Valentine Cheer in a box.

I started with a small box. I receive a Birchbox every month and I hoard those boxes like they're going out of style! They are the perfect size for sending a little something to someone afar. I painted over the logo as a cute writing space for addressing the box. 

I added fun little things. This gift isn't about the cost, or something particularly magnificent. It's about the excitement and theme.

I added fun cupcake liners, festive straws, wooden utensils tied with fun ribbon, some chapsticks, sprinkles, heart-shaped balloons.... anything I felt would be happy to open and feel festive.

Crepe streamers? I think yes! Did I mention this is also party in a box?

Little notepads and trinkets from the $1 section at Michael's and Target are great additives, too!

Heart shaped confetti is a must! 

And there you have it! A perfect gift idea for your long distant Valentine. A gift that can be done quickly, or with much thought- either way it is such a fun gift for you and the recipient. 

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  1. You're the sweetest. I miss you so so so much! This made my month! Love you, friend. Can't wait to see you again! xoxo


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