"That Awkward Moment"

We have become the ultimate creatures of habit. We have a routine that must be followed.

In the evenings, after dinner, I pack Kjirk's lunch. Sometimes leftovers, or sometimes sandwiches because they're what he likes best. I pack everything in a little bag and put in a reusable one and occasionally add a note. Then it goes on the top shelf of the refrigerator. While I do that, Kjirk grinds our coffee beans and sets up his coffee so he can make it quickly at the early hour of five. He also sits out oatmeal or a granola bar with an Emergen-C on the counter next to the sink.

While I'm in the bathroom washing my face with Neutrogena Blue Stuff, he's in the bedroom making the bed.

And while we're laying in bed together before we fall asleep we talk about our days, we make plans, we joke and be silly... it's one of my favorite times of the day.

And then all of the sudden I have a realization.

I have become my parents.

Everyday day growing up, that was pretty much their routine. I have so many memories of 8 o'clock at our house and dad's in the kitchen with that grinder, prepping his coffee for the morning.

And then I had a good laugh. And then mild freak out. Then laughed again.

>>>>We love our Primula. We make latte's everyday with that little stovetop espresso maker.<<<<
>>>>The photo is actually from my old apartment.<<<

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