Life Lately, According to My iPhone

I haven't disappeared, I promise. Between getting up at 4 and driving to work with Hubs, and then neither of us getting off until 7 or later... we've been to busy (or much too sleepy) to think.

But here's a little taste as to what my week has been like.

1. Yes. I did it. I cut my hair! Not really because I wanted to, but because my hair had become so sad and dry (boo, Alaska!). But I like it.
2. Ebelskivers last weekend.
3. Greek omelette for breakfast with my current obsession: grapefruit.
4. I'm borrowing our Omega Juicer (which I highly recommend) from work and have been juicing anything I can put my hands on! Apples, oranges, pears, kale, spinach....
5. Thank you for existing, sunshine. 
6. Those little ears just kill me. She loves warm laundry more than anything else in her little life. 

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