I think I've always had a rotation obsession with my belongings. When I was a child it was barbies. And then Beanie Babies. As I got older it was milk glass (although, I don't particularly know why.) 

Currently it is globes and maps. Absolutely. It's to the point where Kjirk had a friend over, and all he could awkwardly (and sweetly) say was, "Wow. You guys must really like geography." 

Uh. Yeah...

My parents found this gem for me when they were raiding a former hoarder home. Sweet find. It's a school map of Africa, a place I've always longed to go. We cannot sit through a full meal without finding another place on it that needs discussing.

Also- we love our dining room table. It's simple, and modern. And we made it. This company is absolutely the best to order from. I highly recommend them.

Table: DIY project
Chairs: Target
Bowl: Macy's 
Map: Vintage
Curtains: Target 


  1. I love your dining table so! We got our coffee table legs from hairpin legs and it was SO worth the shipping ad the wait (for us) to get them here :) I'll have to put a post of our table up too. Also it's crazy how similiar our tastes are :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, the shipping was a bit expensive for us, too. But absolutely worth it. We're excited to make a matching coffee table next. Yes, I think the same thing, too. Every time I see photos, I love all of your things! :)


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