Along with now being married. I have now moved 2,500 miles away from my home. From Spokane, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska. It's been a big move.

When I lived in Spokane, there were a few people I knew that were brought there in different forms via work, school, etc. They were from warmer places, or just different places. But all they did while they were there was complain, complain, complain. They hated the weather, "nothing to do", away from their friends... And while they were complaining, not only did they really sound like their noses were stuck up in the air (as they were) and offend their new friends that called Spokane home, they missed it.  

While they were complaining about the weather, they could have been thrilled that Spokane has the best fall in the US (seriously, it's top rated) and thankful that it has four entirely distinct and beautiful seasons. It's a gorgeous place.
While complaining about driving in the snow, well, they just didn't have to- there is always buses or many other options OR my favorite, have a local teach you! If you embrace it, being in a big empty parking lot learning to drive in the snow is fun!
While complaining about how they left their friends back home, they were missing out on all the amazing people that could have been their friends here, given the chance. Or they just missed the new ones that were standing right in front of them.
While they complained about nothing to do... well let's just remember this: "Only boring people get bored."
Plus, they just ticked people off. It's so rude to come to a new place and complain like that! So what you may not like it, but do you have to be such a negative person?!

Gah. Rant over. But what I'm trying to get at is this: while Alaska was in no way a top choice for me to live, it wasn't even a choice at all... But here I am!
Here I am, living in Alaska.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
And you can bet on it that I am going to have the best time here. 

 A little park by our house. Actually, a giant park. For the first 4 days we were here, Kjirk was gone to work all day and I was home still waiting for our car and all our belongings. That left me with very limited options of things to do. So I went exploring.

 My dad and I while he was still here. We went and visited a local furrier and found some cool hats.

These boots are a God-send. (P.S. I won't see snowless ground like that for a loonngg time.)


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