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Last night I was able to attend a premiere party for Spokane's new up and coming real estate agency with two of my favorite class mates. We sipped on Stella Artois, laughed at Amy's hilarious husband and was able to meet the people who designed the building (that's what we were concerned about). We had a lovely time. Plus I got to wear my glittery shoes. It was truly wonderful to be apart of something that feels applicable to the world I want to be in. Right now I'm so focused on school, I hardly have much of a social life and barely even focus at work. It's amazing to get out and be with people who do what you are going to be doing, and are successful at it. It was encouraging to see Spokane thriving.

Tip: Do not apply false eyelashes with a gluestick if you run out of eyelash glue. Just. Don't.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you see Spokane for what it is - a blank canvas where you can paint your own life. You have a great attitude.


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