{Beauty Faves}

Everybody has their "beauty essentials." And these are mine.

Left to right
1. Herbal Essences color me happy. The only shampoo I'll use.
2. Essie nail color.... gorgeous! Right now I'm loving a deep, matte purple.
3. Dove Hairspray- not too heavy, or too light.
4. Sally Hansen's cuticle cream. Change my life forever. Seriously.
5. Cortizone Eczema cream. Yeah, I get eczema really badly.
6. Pond's cold Cream. Just like my mom, I use it everyday.
7. Floss. I am an avid flosser.
8.Nars blush. My vice.
9. Stila Shimmer... this stuff is like crack to me.
10. Burt. Need I say more?
11. Philosophy shower gel in Bubbly. SO yummy!
12. Dior Addict Shine. My recent favorite in perfume.
What are your essentials?

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