Everyone's blog post are an overview of the year. It got me thinking. 2010 was the. craziest. year. ever. While I'm abundantly thankful for each and every aspect of it, I'm just as thankful for it to be over.

In 2010 I...
Got in a car wreck that totaled my beloved, Gilbert
I planned a dream trip (well, a dream to me, at least) to live in Ethiopia for 3 months
Was completely and wholeheartedly in love
Worked for Serena with the Farm Chicks
Turned 20
Completed a Hippie wedding
Lost a happy little job and had no where to turn
Did my first lovely styled shoot
Moved out on my own for the first time
Nothing that I had planned on in 2010 came true. I didn't go to Africa, but I started a job instead. A job that I thought I would follow forever. That job didn't last long and I didn't know what to do. I was crazy in love and thought that I was going to marry my bf of 4 years. We broke up. Life is not at all how I planned it. And I am SO thankful. What he plans is far beyond my wildest dreams.

So here's to no more looking back. Here's to looking forward to a brand new year. And here's to cease the planning.

Happy 2011!!


  1. wow what a hard year you have had!
    I'm also so glad for a fresh 2011 start :)

    and oh my .. how did I miss your Paris plans!! oh my that would be terribly exciting.. I will keep you in my prayers girl and so hoping you get there!

    ps. my fb comment ... was just a general statement unfortunately :( ... maybe we will get there in a year or two!

  2. ps. who designed your blog layout - it's so cute!

  3. Hi I follow you and you seem like a really nice young ladie. I seen this job posting over at Heather Bullards blog you would be perfect for.


  4. Crazy year indeed! Love the new blog layout too... here's to 2011!

  5. Everything is going to be better this new year. And we must never speak of 2010 again. Bon Année!

  6. You sweet girl! You are an amazing lady, God certainly has great plans for your life! We pray for a healthy, happy, and peaceful year!

    Love following you and seeing where God is taking you! XO Glad & Cel


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