I'm so thankful for...

This poster
My Grandma's sugar cookies
Christmas music
Design school in Paris
Best friends
My Savior who paid my ransom and brought me back to life
A Mom taught me to cook. :)
Pretty doilies
Ugg Boots that keep my feet warm
A job that I love
That my health is back
That I know how to knit
My new cupcake shaped cookie cutter
A supportive family
A dad who takes care of all my car problems
Brothers who call just to see how I'm doing
Martini glasses filled with sparkling cider
Warm radiators that fill my apartment with heat
My church body
Cute little nephews
Foreign languages
My Bible

Everything in my life... I'm truly thankful. The Lord has blessed me far beyond measure. He is so good to us. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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