{Change of Plans}

So remember when I said I was planning on starting school in January for interior design to become a prop stylist? Well... things have changed a little. :) I was going to wait to tell you, becuase in no way are these plans final. But I've just been too excited to keep this all to myself! My plans are still pretty much the same, but the school is definitely different. I found my dream school... in Paris! It's called the Paris-American Acedemy. It is a college of Fashion and Interior Design. The classes are in English but suplimented with a few French classes.

My plan is to attend the summer workshop for a month and see how I do. If I love it and don't feel too homesick, I'll send in the rest of my application, come home for a month and then go back. For three years!

I'm beyond excited and scared to death at the same time. I'm trying not to get my hope too high, though. This may not come to fruition. But right now I feel that that is where the Lord is drawing me... so I'm going to follow it!

My dream plan? Live in Paris. Have my family visit over winter to spend Christmas in Paris with me. I would stay home for the summers to just travel. I just want to go. Go all over Europe during the summer months. Then I will meet an amazing and handsome man there. We will have a French countryside with just our families and dearest friends. He'll be super rich, too, that way we can afford to fly everyone over there. :) Sound like a good plan?


  1. This sounds AMAZING! I think it's good that you're a lil nervous-it means you are realistic-but this is something YOU HAVE TO DO, this is the time in your life when you can do this....DO IT! You will never regret it!! Best of luck to you! :)

  2. yes~! do it now~if you dont, you will always wonder "what if?"


  3. Don't tell Claire...she'll hideaway in your suitcases. She's saying all the time that she's going to move to Paris. (I just keep telling her that Peanut will get homesick) :) Love you! Keep us posted on your progress....

  4. Sounds very exciting Amanda. I love your plan.


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