Good morning everyone! It's been forever, I know! I'm still getting all settled into my new apartment... which doesn't have internet... YET. Hence the lack of blogging. I will be back in the full swing on things soon, though, I promise. In the meantime I've been making new friends and we've been working on a little project. Like a wedding inspiration photoshoot! And lucky me they asked me to be the bride!

For your viewing pleasure...

We had so much fun! I can't wait to post more pictures and tell you all about it. But for now I will just say our inspiration is so affordable and DYI friendly. I upcycled Megan's dress, the cake was baked by Dana, I did all the floral with things from the garden. More soon, I promise!



P.S. These photos are by Easy Dreamer Photography (Megan)... isn't she amazing?! All in collaboration with Dana from Spokane Bride Blog.


  1. you look fantastic Amanda! :)
    Come and style my wedding!!
    I can't wait to see more and hear all about it...

  2. Hi Amanda!
    You look absolutely beautiful! You are going to make a gorgeous bride someday... maybe soon, or not. Love your photos! xo Glad & Cel


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