{Finally- the hippie wedding!}

I know this has taken me forever, but here it is. FINALLY. Behold: the hippie wedding. I'm very happy to finally be abe to share this with you. It was such a blessing to be apart of. How often does a florist get told to do whatever they've always been told they couldn't? It was dreamy. I also did many of the decorations which was also very fun.

Me and my Mr. We be cool like that.


  1. It DOES look dreamy! I love it! Last pic is hilarious.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Yep, Hippie meets J.Crew. :)
    You did an Amazing job on the flowers- WOW!!! Gorgeous!

    The Hippy-ish wedding I am going to is on August 28th. I can't wait. With the brides permission I will post some pictures.

    I hope that things are going well in the new store. You need to update that too. :)

    Have a FUN weekend!

  3. You did a great job Amanda
    although the wedding is not as 'hippie' as I had imagined - except his headband :)

    and LOVE that last picture hehe
    you look gorgeous too!!

  4. Gorgeous floral arangements and your dress is awesome!


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