{Happy Monday}

Remember that I just said it's been so cold here? Well Happy Monday everyone- it feels like summer now! And I'm so ready for that. I bet you are, too!

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered the giveaway (and of course the fabulous CSN for hosting it!) and who have been leaving the sweetest comments on my new job. I appreciate everyone's support so much! I hope you all can continue to follow me through this journey of "Farm Chickiness" as so many of you are putting it (which is really cute). 

And the winner is.....
(who posted annonymously)
(I'm assuming it's Kate because that's what the e-mail address was...)
Who said: "Oh, I must have that Ice Cream Maker! My little girl would just love, love it!!"
I will be giving your e-mail address to the coordinater of the giveaway through CSN and she will take care of you. Congratulations! 
Winner was selected randomly via Random.org

P.S. This song has been making me really happy. I think it will make you happy, too.

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  1. i love all 3 of those pictures!!
    and congrats kate!!
    i wish i could've had that ice cream maker though.. :)


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