I've been stalking Emersonmade again recently... I'm so obsessed with their whole line! And I love their photo shoots with their adorable model. The shoots are always so sunshine-y. I find so much inspiration in it. (I'm also always inspired by said model's outfits. Isn't that belt magnificent!? I'd wear that whole getup in a heartbeat.) I particularly love these three newer products... the chain flower necklace (oh, if I could only spend that much on it!), the clutches made of amazing prints, and that table runner. I think I'd like to make a table runner like that with burlap and painted stencils for some bridal showers I'm doing with summer...

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  1. Hi Amanda
    Loved your booth and the scale I bought from you ( scales are my latest "thing ")
    Auntie Joy has The cutest photo of you on her blog - go check it out.
    See you
    next year!


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