{Adore Vintage)

Adore Vintage's Pale Summer collection is beautiful. It's going quick so you better act fast. I'm smitten with this. I think it would even be a darling summer wedding dress for an indie bride.


  1. Hi Amanda! This is a God thing. You commented on my blog recently, very sweet, I was at the FC show, picked up the cutest business card, visited the blog and it was YOU!! The sweet girl who commented on my blog recently. And now, you are going to manage the FC store! Congratulations! I can't wait to find out where the store is so I can come meet you.

    By the way, the dress you're featuring today is amazing, love it!

    Hope you have a blessed day,


  2. If I was getting married this summer ( instead of 7 summers ago ) that is just the sort of dress I would wish for. It's dreamy!
    And big congrats on your new position as Manager of the Farm Chicks Store. Of course you will do a lovely job of it Amanda!

  3. I just read about you on The Farm Chicks. Congratulations on your new job! You have a very nice blog.

  4. Congratulations on your new job working with Serena. She is lovely, such a sweet person. I hope to visit to shop - I was just up there at the FC show and had such a wonderful time. Erin

  5. Beautiful dress! Congrats on the Farm Chicks store!


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