{Happy Rainy Monday}

"It's a blustery day, Pooh." 
- Piglet
(And my Dad. Everytime it rains)

It's actually been rainy here for quite some time. But I love it. I adore the rain. However it's been making me a little lot sleepy. But that's not an option. My mom and I are so busy getting ready for the show. I'm very excited. I guess I'll just drink a lot of cocoa to get through the day And snuggle Kitten a lot, too.

Have a very happy and rainy Monday.


  1. Hello Amanda! So many exciting things in your life right now. The wedding sounds so Beautiful and Fun. I cannot wait to see pictures! If I were a young hippie bride (which I am in my heart even though I am acting my age at this point) I would be a barefoot Hippie/J Crew bride for sure!

    Also, I wish, wish, wish that my sister and I were going to be meeting you and your Mom at the Farm Chicks show! It is on our Wish List.(Next year?) Can't wait to see pics of that too.

    I hope that you have a fun and profitable weekend at the show!!!
    Love, Joyce
    -Oh, and thanks for the link to your Mom's blog. I am now following her too. Such creativity in one family...

  2. Hi Amanda
    I am looking forward to meeting you and your Mom this weekend. Its our third year to do the show. Its definately worth the trip!


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