{Taylor and Caleb}

A family friend's daughter is getting married... and I'm doing her flowers. Now it has turned out to be a lot more than that, too. I'm not sure how it happened, either. (Let's just say I even picked out what the groom is wearing.) The last wedding I did had some challenges, and now this one does, too. The bride is a hippie. She is stunningly beautiful, and she also very classic, but also a hippie. I'm very excited for this challenge. I mean, VERY. They even told me "do whatever you want with flowers. Whatever any one's told you to not do, you can do now. We don't want to hold you back." Isn't that bliss? Her colors are burnt orange and purple and it's going to be wonderful. There WILL be feathers involved. Also they are getting married at one of the prettiest places. That helps.

This gave me inspiration.


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
    I also have a hippie-ish friend who is getting married and she wants me to help her. I am trying to think hippie, but I keep steering her towards
    J Crew. So far, she has come over a little. we shall see...

    ENJOY your project!

  2. Hello,
    -Let me just say, no one put me in charge of flowers. Ha ha
    Well, I am assigned, on the morning of the wedding, to go to the farmers market and pick up the flowers, not pick out, but pick up. :)
    I have also been asked to keep a look out for vintage table clothes or fabric.

    If you have any Hippi-ish ideas that you want to share, I am all ears.

    My friend is getting married in this big barn, that is now a theater, and with a barbecue type reception. I got married a LONG time ago, but if I could re-do my wedding it would be just like the one that she is planning. I'm so excited for her.
    I am thrilled to be helping her! We have bridged our age span (she is a young one) and there is part hippy, part J Crew.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with. When is the wedding that you are doing?


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