{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday, everyone! That's right.... I said those two oxymoronic words. Happy Monday. I don't know why everyone gets so upset and in a tizzy over Mondays. I love them as a matter of fact (however, don't get me started on Tuesdays). I love them because no matter what happened the week before, it is new today. We can start fresh. Whether that means because last week was terrible and we need that freshness, or because last week was amazing and we know that this week can be, too. His mercies are new each morning and I'm so grateful for that.
Last week was good, and I know this week will be great. What marvelous plans do you have for this week?


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  1. I am getting ready to go south for a whole week! I cannot wait to feel the sunshine without a wind chill of 10 degrees taking away to warmth! It is just girls too.
    So anyway,I am in prep mode!
    (By the way, I like Mondays too)


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