Have I ever told you that I am a florist? It's true. I am. And it's a good thing, too, because I love flowers. I was thinking just the other day how cheery they always make a room. It is the best way to make a room look alive and lived in. (A good way to beckon spring, too.) No one can ever look at flowers and not be happy. As I have been pondering that recently and how I wished I could have fresh flowers by my bedside daily, I got the pleasant surprise of roses for no reason last week from my sweet guy. I think he and I share brainwaves.

I thought I would share with you some trends going on here in the flower world. After all, that is what's {On My Mind}.

No. 1: Non-flower bridal bouquets (okay... I love it, but I can't fully support it since they aren't real.)

This is part flower and part heart shaped love notes. I found it here.

I found this here, in the same wedding as the previous post. This is made entirely from "tacky" vintage flower brooches. I LOVE it.

Same idea! I found it here.

What? Pure butterflies? No way... Yes way! Way to go Laura Normandin! Quite brilliant. Look here for instructions to make your own.

While those are a very feminine way to be trendy, here is a much more masculine approach. Found here.

No. 2: On the other hand, this is not a trend. It should be, though! How pretty! Lights lights lights! All in a very full (unshaped) greenery, with pale, full pink roses- which are not overdone. It would make me feel like a fairy in an enchanted garden. This, friends, needs to catch on. Who's with me?

No. 3: And how about living plant centerpieces? I've always been a fan. It's also a great favor, too. Something to send home with the guests as a thank you. Something that can actually sustain life. Found here.

No. 4: And this classic should make us all happy (and our wallets!). Simple is oh-so stylish these days. No need for over done fillers (especially if its baby's breath---icky), or even over done greenery. Simple greens to stick with are salal tips, pittosporum, or bluperum (which is simple but with a fun twist). Keep the styles of flowers simple and cohesive. Make sure the "weights" of the flowers go together if you are choosing multiple flower bouquets. For example, don't pair a "lighter" delicate flower like ranunculus with a heavier flower like a lily. It looks unbalanced. It is very stylish right now for bouquets to consist of just one flower- but a lot of them! Simple clear glass vases are great for this. I like using normal household things for vases. (Cleaned pickle jars are great because they are wide mouthed.) It's a great way to save money, and be eco-friendly by reusing. Plus it's so easy to do yourself! No need for "special florist knowledge of design." (Like that actually exists anyway!) Like this....

Found here. Simple red tulips are what I am asking for this Valentine's day!
Did you know.... tulips still grow up to an inch a day after they have been cut and in a vase? It's true. So keep trimming daily and adding fresh water to the vase.

This simple look is working very well for centerpieces at weddings or any event, too. Try doing a cluster of glass vases (jars, bottles, anything!) with a simple stem in each. That is my budget friendly inspiration for my next wedding that I am doing. (I am decorating and doing flowers.... I'm loosing my mind!) Things like this...

And for a little more personalization, tie ribbons that match your theme around the mouth of the jar. Or something unique like this couple did with cutesy tags. Both of these were found here.

To see the last wedding I did click here.


  1. I love weddings.. I would do it every year for my anversary if the hubby was on board.. Maybe for our ten year..Love the one made of the vintage flowers makes me want to start buying vintage flower brooch for my own daughter someday.. LOL

  2. Thank you for the great ideas! Everything is so fun and unique.
    And, I am SO with you on #2! Those pale pink roses- Love them! It completely looks like an enchanted garden! PRETTY!!!

  3. Hi Cutie! The Red Tulips stole my heart. They make me think of spring. I'm hoping for Tulips for Valentines Day! Even though my hubby gave me a trip to Mexico... got home yesterday, I could have stayed another week or two. Did I tell you I have 100's of clear glass votives, if you would like to borrow them for any of your weddings. Blessings, Glad/Junebug


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