{I need a vacation}

I am pondering my list of to-do's tomorrow. It is a rare day-off, but it is really not off at all. I can never seem to find "off" anyway. What is that? Where do I find it?
-Run errands
-Bake lots of treats for New Year's Eve Party
-Get everything [everything entails A LOT, just so you know] ready for the party get myself ready for the party
-Have the party

-Work... as always
-Clean up the party
-Try and squeeze some time in to go see my sister--because I MISS HER!!
-Breathe- maybe.

Next week: Keep working
-Passport application (boy that's fun)
-More doctor's appointments
-Start running again on a schedule
-Try and figure out what to do with my life.
-Make time for the pitiful-near-nonexistent-social-life-I-barely-have-anyway
-I think there is something important I am missing, here
-Try and keep blog updated


It would be so easy to get my life so caught up in this whirlwind I live in. That's how it happens, you know. People have a goals and dreams when they're young, then it happens; life happens. I have a short term goal. And for now it is just when I get the chance: breathe.

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