Thank Jesus There's a Lake Here.

I spent my summers growing up at Loon Lake, in Washington. There are so many beautiful lakes, but Loon is the best. Sandy beaches, clean and warm water, surrounded by beautiful trees. That place is the best. I knew I would miss it so much when I moved. I do. But my heart was so happy to get to go to the lake this past weekend. We tubed and laughed like we were kids again. Besides getting eaten alive my mosquitoes- it was lovely.

This is NOT a sunset. Or a sunrise. Or maybe it's both. It's always daylight here. Yep. 24 hours. The sun just kind of dips. I woke up at about 3 in the morning to take Jameson outside, and I thought the sun was just so beautiful over the water. 

I think he's preparing me for the "sweet moves" he's about to do.

All the little islands seem so magical.

Jameson the little bat-dog!

Thor is our friend's dog. I think he's part human. And boy does he love his humans. Every time we jumped in the water off the dog he just moaned and worried and would jump in after us. 

Happy to learn our little Jamo is a good swimmer, even with his short little legs (he's a mutt, but a big portion is Dachshund). Not that he appreciates swimming, but at least he can.

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