Let us celebrate the birth of our redemptive Savior!

 I am joyous this year spending my first Christmas with my love. Last year he went to war instead, and I sent him Christmas in a box. I am so grateful he is mine this year. But I remember that because he is here, someone else's husband is there instead... and this year their wives and families are without them.

This year, 28 precious lives were lost just a few weeks before Christmas, and their families have such heavy hearts.

This is a Merry Christmas to those with heavy, burdened hearts. Remember that even in our pain, we still can rejoice. Because our sweet savior was born, we can experience peace like none other. He can take our burden. So with all my heart, I wish that your heavy aching heart can be light.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by She & Him on Grooveshark

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