Hello lovelies! Happy Monday.

Yeah. I know. It's Wednesday. 

A few updates:
-I started getting sick on Wednesday (last Wednesday).... by Thursday I knew I had been hit for good. I didn't get out of bed until Sunday. Everyday I'm a little better. I haven't worked in about a week in a half (yay for not getting a paycheck!) Tomorrow is my first day back. Which will be great.
-My car got broken into and the dummies stole the only thing of value to me. My textiles book that I've been working on all quarter for school. It's of no value to them, they can't sell it- it's my own homework- but, damn. That was so important to me. I have barely a week to start completely over what it's taken me all quarter to do.

Yucky! I have about two weeks left until finals so I'm a borderline crazy person right now.

I just found out Kjirk comes home sooner than I though. Yay? YES! However, I'm really trying to bust my tail to get ahead on my finals so when he comes home I can just spend time with him... and not finals. Those two weeks are more precious than anything to me.

I'm ready to not be a crazy person. Oh, and wish me luck. Tomorrow will be my first "full day" since I've been sick. Translation: first day without taking a two hour nap when I get home from school.

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