{Valentine's Day}

I love Valentine's day. I know I've said it a million times.... but it's true. I just love it. I have to say, this has been by far the best Valentine's day ever.

It started with a class party. Passing out Valentines and eating yummy treats. Work was slower than slow... but it was sweet as the flowers just kept showing up for people! My mom made a special appearance and brought me Valentine's, too. I had a party with some girlfriends who were alone that night, too. We ate yummies, made heart shaped brownies, and watched Valentines' day.

This was one of the little things my Mom made me... too cute, right? I think it will most definitely stay up all year. :)

My Valentine spoiled me big time. Even from the other side of the world. He sent me a sweet gift card to spend the entire day at the spa (mani/pedi, facial and massage... 5 hours.... bliss). And sent me flowers at work, too. Being a florist he really stresses out about sending me flowers, but he always does a great job! I have my favorite flowers, for sure, but honestly... who would complain about getting flowers?! It was sweet when he told me that he picked these out special because they were called "old fashioned love." And since I like "ya know, vintagey stuff, n things" he thought I would like them, too. :) My room smells amazzzzing.

Kjirk got to open his Valentine care package while skyping with me... that was pretty special. One of the things I sent him (cheesy, yes) was a pillow I made. Yep. That's Spokane, Washington. And that's Afghanistan. He loved it.

Today, I slept in. Yes. It's the truth. I played hooky from my hardest class because I needed a mental health morning. Some days you just need to sleep in. Stay in your jammies and messy hair and drink tea. So I did. 


  1. You have very sweet significant other, Amanda. No wonder you liked this Valentine's Day… You should take care of those flowers to keep that amazing smell in your room. :) The vase certainly looks vintage to me! Did it come with the package?

    1. Yes, I do! I'm a lucky one. Thank you! I've been reminding myself to change the water daily and so far, so good! The other lily just opened today. And yes, the vase came with it, too. It's perfect. Have a fabulous weekend!


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